Our SEP also includes further key components, such as IV&V, and Developmental and Operational Testing functionality prior to fielding and implementation. Our skilful engineers apply methodological and structured processes that help achieve the highest levels of system efficiency. Over the years, we have come to appreciate that a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is the cornerstone of effective project planning, execution, controlling, and reporting. By following the WBS approach, we can organize and divide your project into logical sub-divisions (or “sub-projects”), that enable you to analyze project progress at an intricately detailed level.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

One of our leading support services in the logistics solutions space is Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). At Sabre Global Services, we work closely with DoD organizations to plan and coordinate the activities and technical disciplines associated with the identification and development of logistics support requirements for military systems. We have been instrumental in the development of Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSP) for several major DoD Acquisition programs, providing supply chain management solutions that allow our clients to predict cost, consumption and future demand factors, among other key variables.

Sabre Global Services’ expertise spans the entire scope of DoD ILS functions and we have successfully installed preventive, predictive and corrective tools for effective project management, including core functionality, such as Reliability Engineering, Maintainability Engineering and Maintenance Planning. Our complete ILS plan is designed to support our clients at every step of the way and includes vital back-up assistance, such as spares provisioning planning. Additionally our logistics experts can track and analyze equipment depreciation trends over time and apply them to future scenarios, thus accurately supplying forces with the items they require.

We have provided our clients with extensive, industry-leading training and training support in areas such as technical data, transforming even the most complex of logistics management terminology. We can assist in developing publications and technical manuals, utilizing AECMA S1000d standard to provide for creation of documentation using the principles of modularity and minimalism, supporting the “ability to readily identify relevant information at the lowest level possible. Our logistics personnel can also support through test stages to ensure that our ILS plan is fully integrated into your system and facilities through user-friendly design interfaces and compliance with existing systems.

Supply Chain Integration

An additional Sabre Global Services popular logistics support service utilizes the Lifecycle Logistics approach to support acquisition programs. Over the years, we have acquired significant experience in the application of planning and programming, allowing our clients to predict cost, deterioration, consumption and future demand. Through Performance Based Agreements, clients are then able to establish realistic performance expectations and manage their supply chain more efficiently. Additionally, we provide full support and collaborative oversight of Material Fielding Activities, ensuring optimal logistics strategies tailored to meet each client’s individual needs and expectations.

Performance Based Logistics (PBL)

Sabre Global Services uses Performance Based Logistics (PBL) to exploit supply chain processes and systems to provide flexible and timely materiel support. We possess expert knowledge in the PBL field and translate this key logistics discipline into a critical ILS strategy for you, ensuring extensive client training on integral responsibilities. Sabre Global Services has worked alongside a variety of clients in diverse industries to perform Product Support Integrator functions, skillfully managing all sources of support and providing a best-value determination, evidenced through a business case analysis (BCA). For further information on this widely used practice, click on Performance Based Logistics.

Commercial Purchasing Solutions

Sabre Global Services team has unrivalled expertise in Commercial Purchasing and logistics support services; our client roster in this area extending beyond the military and into the private sector. Our focus is on providing clients with value added logistics, costing, and purchasing support models designed to ensure a high quality products and services offering without the overhead cost structure of standard in-house models.

Support models are built around high visibility and communication processes to facilitate cost management decisions. Sabre Global Services is focused on a holistic solution with end to end management of all facets of the services provided. We have a keen understanding of the labor dependencies tied to the procurement of goods and services and are thorough in identifying these elements early in the planning process, ensuring that the end goal of improved productivity is accurately accounted for.

We leverage national vendor relationships for best cost pricing and services and meet diverse requirements for federal, state, and local government opportunities. Our agile and expert logistics team is unwaveringly focused on total solution, addressing labor dependencies and productivity related implications through concise delivery requirements, including crucial success factors, such as early notifications to designated POCs.

Our Commercial Purchasing services also include the effective administration of all vendor returns and warranty related reverse logistic services and the ability to perform consolidation and bundling activities for multiple vendor sourced products.

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