System Engineering

Continuous support from system implementation to life cycle conclusion.

At Sabre Global Services we believe in the value of long-term partnerships, which is why our approach to Systems Engineering is no different from that of our other Project Management services. Our expert team is always on hand to ensure that client needs are attended to throughout their system’s entire life cycle.

We understand that Systems Engineering is a comprehensive, iterative technical management process that translates your operational requirements into a configured system. It is a life cycle activity that demands a concurrent approach to both product and process development. We begin by identifying our clients’ unique system requirements and then establish the need for a change of strategy by ascertaining the best way to maximize the potential of their system. This is achieved by conducting an extensive analysis on all available alternatives and by evaluating current practices based on performance, cost and risk. For some clients this might require the installation of an entirely new project management solution, whereas for others, we explore methods of improving their existing system and augmenting its efficiency.

Systems Engineering include areas such as:

  • Configuration Management
  • Risk Management
  • Operations Research
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Performance Engineering

All Sabre Global Services Project Management solutions are fully integrated with clients’ pre-existing hardware and software by uniting system elements to ensure their functionality as a whole. This process of integration requires extensive communication and coordination. The Sabre Global Services approach to System Engineering applies a robust SE plan that balances total system performance with total ownership cost.

We develop and implement a comprehensive System Engineering Plan (SEP) that includes highly beneficial features and management tools, such as the ability to perform peer reviews, informal and formal inspections, project reviews and audits including:

  • Preliminary Design Reviews
  • Critical Design Reviews
  • Subsystem Reviews
  • Software Specification Reviews
  • Test Readiness Reviews
  • Functional Reviews
  • In Process Reviews

Our SEP also includes further key components, such as IV&V, and Developmental and Operational Testing functionality prior to fielding and implementation. Our skilful engineers apply methodological and structured processes that help achieve the highest levels of system efficiency. Over the years, we have come to appreciate that a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is the cornerstone of effective project planning, execution, controlling, and reporting. By following the WBS approach, we can organize and divide your project into logical sub-divisions (or “sub-projects”), that enable you to analyze project progress at an intricately detailed level.

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